Qik Form

Frequently Asked Questions

What is QikForm?

QikForm is a fully integrated form development and processing system. QikForm has an advanced web based WYSIWYG form builder with drag and drop user interface to enable you quickly create forms.

Using QikForm, you can:
  • create forms
  • use our templates for quick start
  • use your own forms for versioning
  • create dynamic subject and email bodies (vis-à-vis MS Mail Merge)
  • Include image as top and bottom banners on emails
  • integrate form to your site with one simple statement
  • validate form content (i.e. Mandatory, is email, etc…)
  • receive responses by email
  • send responses to your customers
  • export your data to excel for integration with other products (e.g. Constant Contact)
  • for your protection, your data is stored in your private table to minimize chances of data contamination

Who is QikForm for?

QikForm is developed mainly for webmasters, web designers and programmers, but in reality anybody with an Internet connection can use it and follow simple instructions to achieve successful campaigns.

QikForm is an intuitive tool with WYSIWYG form builder, you can easily make web forms without any web design or HTML experience. QikForm is 100% cloud hosted tool - this means everything is hosted on our servers, there are no requirements.

What kind of forms can I create with QikForm?

QikForm supports all standard web form field types. Using QikForm, you can create any kind of web form. Below are few samples of QikForm templates - please click on them to view each one.

We continually add new templates to QikForm - You can always use your own forms as starting template for another form and/or to version and test.

Do you have a short movie tutorial for beginners?

Watch this two-minute QikForm tutorial to see how you can create web forms quickly & easily.
There are other videos in our YouTube Library.

How much does QikForm cost?

QikForm is completely free for Basic usage. You can create forms, integrate them into your site, and collect submissions from your users without any cost. For Premium usage, it is $6.95/month. You can find a comparison chart between Basic and Premium versions here. To support our free service, please feel free to add this banner to your site:
<a href="http://QikForm.com" target="_blank"><img src="//QikForm.com/images/logo.png"></a>

Why should I choose QikForm over similar services?

QikForm FREE version is a full version product. All features are available to free accounts. You can create as many forms with as many fields as you wish. You can use all field types and use features like auto-responder.

QikForm does not lock you in like similar services. You can upgrade to Premium for a month or two when you need to receive a lot of submissions, then downgrade back when you don't need it any more. When you downgrade you do not lose your forms or existing data on your account.

On Premium Services does not does not add "Powered By" or "Report Abuse" links to your forms.

QikForm has the best rates. No other service provides so many features for free and our Permium service at $7/month. Over 15,000 active forms are using QikForm.

QikForm is always innovative and ahead of others. Take note of our dynamic subject and email body as an example. No other service offers such integration. We are always in search of making our service better and our product more complete with using state of the art technology.
Data captured using QikForm can be directly stored on your own database. This is a great idea for large corporations, medical forms, Credit Card Information or anytime you'd like to capature user data directly on to your secure databases.

Please contact us for this feature as this would require setup on our end and yours.

What is new on QikForm 4.0?

  • Improved Form Builder
  • Added captcha and other quick tool widgets to make QikForm even faster
  • Flexible Emails. Use form data entered to be used in the Subject line and also in the email body just like MS Mail Merge.
  • No account required. We always strive to make things easier and quicker for our users. That's why we now do not require an account to save and use your forms.

How can I see form submissions?

You have two choices to receive form submissions.
You can receive them instantly by email, or you can log into your QikForm account periodically and view/download all submissions.

To receive submissions as e-mail alerts, log into your QikForm account, choose the form you would like to receive submissions for and click on "Edit" button. On the "Form Editor" screen for your form, you will see a "Email Alerts" button, click on that customize your emails.

How can I change recipient e-mail address for my form?

There are 2 separate sets of recipients which you can set one or the other or both.

Email can be sent to the person filling the form - for this you need to have a Email field in the form and you can specify the “FROM” part and they get a copy of the email sent to them.

The other is fixed set of email boxes which would receive a copy of each and every email. You can have up to 3 such emailboxes so you can have one go for processing and maybe another go to mailbox as a back up and only collects your emails.

Why don't I receive submissions by email?

There could be few reasons - 2 which are most likely:
  • Your email in the form editor was not set correctly. Please logon to QikForm and find your form in Form File and edit the form and find your email distribution list and modify if needed.
  • Check Your Spam Folder. If the emails are there, please set one of the emails to "No Spam" so that this would not be flagged as spam in the future.
If these are ok, please click here to open a new support ticket and please explain the issue in detail and steps to recreate the issue.

Can I blend forms into my own site?

The pure HTML of your form is always available to you on the Form Builder. You can select and copy the form as you created it. But we recommend you use our full system to get all the benefits QikForm brings to you.

Do you put advertisements on Forms?

No, we do not add any kind of 3rd party advertisements on QikForm forms.

We would like our users to look professional. So, we would never put advertisements or our logo on the forms like similar services.

Is my form submission data safe?

Yes, 100% of your data belongs to you. We do not share or sell any user data. We also do not access your data for any non-administrative purposes.

Do you have spam protection?

Yes, QikForm now has spam protection. Each new form now has seamless spam checks. QikForm can check if the form is submitted by a real browser.

We also now support CAPTCHA verification on the forms.

Do you License Form Builder technology?

Yes, we do license QikForm's form builder to 3rd parties. You can get a copy of QikForm site to use in your internal corporate intranet. Please contact us and we will be happy to accommodate you as best as we can.